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We are the Hampton Roads area's
exclusive authorized dealer of
Formula One High Performance Auto Tint by LLumar.

We offer three (3) Automotive product lines from Formula One by LLumar to choose from. We are the only tint shop that has all standard and specialty window films in stock daily. With that in mind, we offer a film solution to suit your needs in any business or personal application. All Formula One series auto films block 99% of UV light - protecting you, your passengers, and your vehicle.

Formula One High Performance Auto Tint by LLumar is manufactured in the USA with most products manufactured in Martinsville, Virginia. Formula One High Performance Auto Tint by LLumar offers the most comprehensive transferrable consumer warranty on the market. With the Formula One guarantee, you can be confident of auto tint installers that are up to date with the most advanced training and installation techniques available on the market today.

Formula One's Best In Class Warranty

Formula One is the best window film money can buy. The warranty backs that up and is uncomparable with any other window film manufacturer.

And best of all, All Formula One Series Auto Tint is guaranteed not to bubble, peel, or change color, for the lifetime of your car. If it does Formual One's Best In Class Warranty will replace it for free in any city or state no matter where you are!! The warranty is so comprehensive you can pass it on with the title of your vehicle if you ever transfer ownership. This makes getting tint both a comfort and aesthetics win, and a solid investment.

Classic and Comfort Series Auto Tint

formula one classic series
formula one classic series

Formula One's Classic Series Auto Tint is a great film at an extremely economical price point to give you that classy charcoal automotive window tint aesthetic, as well as, added personal comfort and protection from the sun for you and your vehicle.

If you are looking for better heat rejection then Formula One's Comfort Series Auto Tint is a good series to start with. Sporting a sleek reflective charcoal look, Comfort Series Auto Tint offers a higher heat rejection due to a metal inner-layer. Like the Classic Series, it also blocks 99% of harmful UV light and is guaranteed against bubbling, peeling, and color change for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Window tinting Chesapeake
Window Tinting
Window Tinting Chesapeake

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Pinnacle Series Auto Tint

formula one pinnacle series

If you are looking for the best protection against heat, as well as harmful UV rays, Formula One's Pinnacle Series Auto Tint is the clear choice. This film is made with the most modern technological advancements available in automotive window film manufacturing today. Pinnacle series automotive film uses nanotechnology to reduce more heat and UV rays than any other window film manufactured by any company without sacrificing on the signature dark charcoal aesthetic of Formula One film series.
The patented technology Formula One's used to construct Pinnacle Series Auto Tint contains no metals, so you will experience no interference with cellular phone signals, navigation, or GPS, by even the most sensitive devices.

Specialty Series Auto Tint

formula one specialty series

LLumar also offers several options for speciality auto tint. Formula One UV Shield is a clear auto tint that is made to reduce UV light by 99.9%, without changing the look of your window glass. Formula One's Air Blue series is a very light film that blocks 43% of the incoming heat, as well as 99% of UV light, and is a great solution for windshields, sunroofs, or and situation where heat rejection and UV protection is needed but a tinted look is not. For safety and security, Formula One High Performance Auto Tint by LLumar also offer the Safety and Security Series of auto tint. Similar to the Classic Series in looks and performance, the Safety and Security Series of auto tint are 7 and 8 mil films made to prevent smash and grab theft, and help hold auto glass together in the event of an accident.

All of Our Installers are Certified by LLumar, In Addition, to Completing Our Own Rigorous Program.


Applied Film Technology: Authorized LLumar Vista Dealer

Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

Applied Film Technology Inc. offers the Virginia and North Carolina region professionally installed window film, graphics, and protective surface films. From heat reducing films for homes and buildings, decorative films with etched or frosted glass appearances, or films to add strength and safety to glass, as well as protect surfaces, we have you covered. We are the only master accredited International Window Film Association member dealer in the area, as well as being master certified in the installation of the LLumar, VISTA, Enerlogic, and Graffiti Shield brands of window film.


Authorized Formula One High Performance Tint Dealer
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