Paint Protection Film: What can it do for your car?

Paint protection film is a great way to shield your car from uncertainties. The world is full of them. From rocks damaging the front bumper to the harsh realities of mother natures most extreme cold. Last winter's weather proved to a lot of people that protecting their paint from the ice, salt, and debris created from a cold weather was both a good economical and aeshetic solution for them.


According to Formula One:

Preserve your vehicle's good looks without changing its appearance. With industry leading optical clarity, our paint protection film (clear bra) lets paint colors show true, all while creating an invisible shield to help protect your vehicle's vulnerable areas against abrasions, nicks, scratches from insects, small road debris, and winter sand and salt. Designed specifically to fit your vehicle, the clear bra covers the most chip-prone surfaces, such as the hood, mirrors and bumpers, requiring no drilled holes or special fasteners like other protection products. Clearly, LLumar® Paint Protection Film provides the best option for keeping your vehicle in prime condition. And it is certain to enhance its quality and resale value for years to come.
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We offer a variety of packages that are custom designed, developed, and priced, just for your vehicle.


Full front bumper, partial hood coverage, partial fender coverage, and rear view mirrors on most current cars, SUV’s, trucks and vans .


Everything included in our bronze package, as well as: door edge guards, truck lid area, rocker panels/splash guards, and door cups


Our Gold package offers great value and protection for your auto investment. Full front bumper, larger front fender coverage, larger hood coverage, roof and A-pillar kit, rocker panels/splash guards, door edge guards, and door cups.


The ultimate in paint protection. Full hood and fender coverage for a completely invisible look, reducing wax lines and build up. Full front bumper coverage, rocker panels/splash guards, roof and A-pillar kit, rear mirrors, door edge guards, and door cups.

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Our technicians can digitize and create almost any pattern to cover and protect your vehicle within 24-48 hours, from full roof areas, doors, spoilers, or rear bumpers, the options are endless. Contact us for details and a free quote .

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Check out LLumar's interactive viewer to better understand what area's of the vehicle is covered. Happy Viewing

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