The 1250 Club: Protect your car with our executive package.

The 1250 club is a long standing program that we have offered. It has been successful in more than just building long standing clients.

Whether you have a Ferrari that you intend to keep in tip-top shape as an investment or have just bought a new Vehicle and want to keep it looking clean, the 1250 club is right for a variety of your needs.

The 1250 club consists of the following:
A full detail includes:

Hand wash, wheels, tires, fender wells, inside and outside windows. Detail every single d oor jam, including the gas tank. On the inside carpets and mats are shampooed, rubber mats are degreased, all the lleather and vinyl are cleaned with a leather/vinyl cleaner then gone over with a leather/vinyl protectant to maintain the material’s integrity keeping it from ripping and cracking.. All vents and cup holders are thoroughly cleaned. If there are upholstered seats, they are lightly, and delicately, shampooed. The headliner is cleaned as well.

The outside detail process consists of hi-speed orbital buffing with a variety of unique compound waxes, then gone over with a polishing wax to give it that one of a kind shine. Depending on the color we sometimes use a coat of paste wax applied and removed by hand..

For more information on the 1250 club or other protective packages including scotch guard and other preventative maintenance packages please give us a call.

Pricing available upon request.

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