Auto Detailing:
Done by hand since 1980!

At J's we pride ourselves in being an auto beauty salon. Since our start in the 1980's the concept has been the same: Make sure cars and trucks shine, and contiue to do so for the lifetime of the vehicle. We have been detailing vehicles since 1980! We provide the top service in the Hampton Roads area for automotive beautification and restoration!


We use only the best most environmentally safe chemicals available. These are easy on you, your car, and Mother Earth! We specialize in auto restoration, interior and exterior maintenance, of vehicles of any type. Due to our specialized nature in auto detailing we see a lot of very rare and beautiful cars!


Our chemicals are allergy friendly. This separates us from our competitors who use bottom of the barrel chemicals which may have adverse effects on your sinuses or skin! We offer a variety of fragrances and automotive beauty packages to make your car even more of an extension of you than it already is.


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We also clean boats as well and large specialty vehicles. Call us for more information as we are in the process of building this page. Thank you.

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How We See Automotive Detailing

At J’’s Auto Cleaning Service, we are proud of the experience we have with automotive detailing, beautification, and restoration. Since 1985, we have presented to our customers the detailed eye needed to bring their automobile back to that showroom shine.We use the most modern chemicals and technology available today, as well as time honored techniques going back over 30 years. Over this time, we have developed a loyal following of clients throughout the Hampton Roads area.

At J’s Auto Cleaning Service, everything starts with a handwash, done the old fashioned way. Unlike brush washes on conveyor belts, a hand wash will not scratch or damage the exterior of your car, and our technicians have the eye for detail that a machine wash simply does not have. Our exterior hand wash starts with a presoak, using a non-caustic polymer based bug remover to remove any insect and road residue from the paint. After the presoak cleaning we follow up with a carnauba based car was to brighten and enhance your paint. All tires and wheel wells are degreased and cleaned to remove caustic brake dust, caked on dirt, and road debris. After the presoak and carnauba wash, the paint is hand dried with a chamois. The final steps in our hand wash is to clean the exterior windows, apply a high gloss tire shine, and clean your auto’s rims .

Our Beauty Care One package consists of the Hand Wash package, and is followed by a thorough interior vacuuming including the trunk area, cleaning of the door jams. and wiping the dashboard and control area down. This is followed with a leather and vinyl protectant to minimize damage and dryness from harmful UV light in the cabin area. This is our most popular basic cleaning package , and a great package for regular maintenance between more thorough detailing packages.

If a high quality exterior cleaning is what you're looking for for , you can’t go wrong with our Minimum Beauty Care One detailing package. Over time, road debris, snow, rain, and dirt buildup minimize the shine of your paint. If you do not keep up the maintenance of your paint, your clear coat can start to oxidize, crack, or peel. Our Minimum Beauty Care One package is a comprehensive reconditioning and beautification process for your paint, as well as a general cleaning of the interior. We start with our hand wash,, presoaking to remove any oily residues, road tar, and contaminants that may be present on the paint. Then, all painted surfaces are comprehensively buffed out with a high speed polisher or clay barred to remove oxidation and bring your paint back to life. All exterior vinyl trim is treated with a high quality non-silicone vinyl treatment to protect against fading and restore factory shine. Our paint process is followed up with a high gloss carnauba based wax treatment to add a deep shine to your vehicles paint. We also thoroughly vacuum the interior of your vehicle, clean the interior and exterior windows, door jams , tires, rims and wheel wells.

If you are more concerned about the interior condition of your cars interior, our Minimum Beauty Care Two has you covered . Our Minimum Beauty Care Two includes our famous exterior hand wash , as well as the complete interior detail of your car’s upholstery. We start with aerating your automotive upholstery to remove any smells. We follow up by thoroughly vacuuming all upholstery ,including seats, under the seats, and hard to reach crevices in between the seats . After thoroughly vacuuming all upholstery, we pre-treat any stains with various cleaners , including enzyme based cleaners , to break-down the stains. We follow up with intensively cleaning all interior vinyl surfaces with specialized vinyl cleaners , concentrating on difficult to reach places such as cup holders , A/C vents , and door pockets. We thoroughly clean and degrease door jams to remove built up dirt and grease . For upholstery cleaning , we shampoo all stubborn stains , followed by a thorough cleaning with a carpet extractor to remove all residue from the carpet and upholstery . We clean the headliner and rear package tray behind the rear seats as well . After all interior vinyl ,leather,and carpet surfaces are cleaned , we treat all leather surfaces with specialized leather protectants to reduce drying and cracking , and create a barrier to oils and residues that can soil the leather. All vinyl surfaces are treated with a vinyl protectant to keep the vinyl looking like new.

-Jason Zirpoli (Manager)